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김순우전무이사님 세계3대 인명사전 Marquis "Whos who in the world 2017"에 등재 됨을 알립니다.
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당사 경영총괄본부장/전무이사이신 김순우박사님께서 세계3대인명사전 중 최고 권위인 미국 Marquis의 
"Whos who in the world 2017“ 아웃소싱 및 관련업계 2%범위내의 최고 전문가로 선정되었음을 알립니다. 
세계 3대 인명사전은 미국의 마르퀴즈 후즈후(Marquis whos who), 미국인명정보기관(ABI, American Biographical Institute), 영국 케임브리지 국제인명센터(IBC, International Biographical Centre)이며, 1899년부터 세계 215개국에서 매년 과학, 의학, 정치, 경제, 사회, 예술 등 각 분야의 저명인사를 선정해 업적과 이력을 소개하고 있습니다. 

Marquis Who's Who /받은날짜 :16-12-15 (목) 15:58 
Melanie Schweinhardt (MarquisWW)<
받는사람 :<

Dr. Soon-Woo Kim


I am the director of submission for Marquis Who’s Who in the World.  As you know you submitted an 
application to be included in Marquis Who’s Who in the World,  and have been accepted. You are deemed one of the top professionals in the World and in the top 2% of your industry.  I do need to gather more 
information for your press release.  
Please respond to the following questions by email: 
What exactly prompted you to become involved in your career? 
What is your area of expertise, what are you best noted for? 
There are many reasons for wanting to be published in Who’s Who in America, most need it for the 
networking, consulting, branding and additional exposure,  Which of these reasons is more important to you, or would you say that they are all important? 
What do you attribute your success to? 
We will build your online profile and send you a copy of your press release for your approval. Please send 
a copy of CV or Resume and Photo. 

Soon-Woo, Kim/Ph. D of Business Administration 
COSS CO.,LTD/General Manager of Management Division/Executive Director 

Ph. D of Business Administration/Pukyong National  University, Busan 
Concentration : International Management, Marketing, Guanxi in China, Outsourcing 

● Managing Director of Bukook  Textile Co., Ltd. and VP of Vietnam 
● Pusidol Electric Co., Ltd./President 
● Andong General Trading China Branch Manager 
● General Manager of China Four Sea Group Corporation CEO/Vice Chairmam 
● ACE Foreign Language Institute / Director 
● Hong-il Trading Co., Ltd. Managing Director / CEO, 
● Korea Small Business Management  Association / Managing Director 
● Korea Relations Marketing Co., Ltd. / CEO 
● Korea Asset Management Service Co., Ltd. / CEO 

● K-MOVE Mentor (Ministry of Employment and Labor commissioned )Korea  Youth Overseas Window 
● Special Lecture on Export  Marketing Specialist (Kyungnam Special Lecture on Export  Marketing 
    Specialist (Kyungnam Development Institute / Gyeongsang National University) 
● KCS Consulting Group Expert Committee 
● Korea Busan City - Senior Consultant,Small Business Administration, Busan Economic Promotion Agency 
● Korea Senior Manpower Development Institute Management consultant 
● Certificate of Origin Manager's Qualification Examination Commissioner 

● Busan Girls Commercial High school, Industry-academy Concurrent teacher 
(Logistics Management / Practice of Trade) 
● Adjunct professor, Pukyong National University( Marketing  Introduction /Overseas  Markets / 
  International Alliance / Capstone Design /Financial  Institution Theory) 

● ISO Senior Auditor (Quality & Environment; ISO9001,2004), August 2009 
● Express electric technician / Express electric supervisor ),1st grade store manager 
● Korean teachers for foreigners 

● Best Paper Award for Future Scholars (Korea International Trade Association  / Korea Trade Association), 
    September 2011 
● Excellent Consultant Award (Busan Economic Promotion Agency), October 2014 

● Kim  Soon-Woo, Lee Chun.-Su.” A Study on Chinese Guanxi Research from the Perspective of  
 International Business Theory” Korea Trade Research Association, 2011,02,36(1), 193-215 (Main Author) 
● Kim Soon-Woo, Yae Dong-Gun, Lee Chun.-Su “A Foundational Study on Exploration of Effective Guanxi  
 Research Propositions for the Promotion of Chinese Commerce and Investment Relationship” Korea Research Society of Customs,2011.5, 12(1), 275-298 (Main  Author) 
● Kim Soon-Woo, Kim,  Byoung-Goo,Lee Chun.-Su “An Empirical Study on the Effects of Guanxi on 
Performances of Korean IT SMEs in China” Korea Trade  Research Association ,2011.11, 36(1),321-345 
(Main Author) 
● Seo, Young-Sik, Kim, Soon-Woo, Lee, Chun-Su, “An  empirical study on preferences of automobile choice 
attributes between  Chinese and Korean consumers”The e-Business Studies, 2015.02, 16(1),23-37  
(Second Author) 

Daughter of Kim, Mi-Sun and Kim, MI-Jung, Son of Kim-Chang-Kun, Married Heo, Woi-Sook  February 1986 
● Heo, Woi-Sook : Social worker / Team Leade 
● Kim, Mi-Sun : Ph.D in Public Health / Professor
● Kim,Mi-Jung : Manager 
● Kim,Chang-Kun : P/D


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